Technical Infos

Quartz Co. uses the highest-quality fabrics and laminates them with a waterproofing membrane that makes them wind-resistant and allows for the evacuation of moisture. They are also covered with DWR, a water-repellent coating that gives the fabric a higher degree of impermeability. Quartz Co. chose this C6 technology (80%, 10 washes) not only for its effectiveness but also because it’s known to be the most eco-friendly repellent available today.



57% Polyester / 43% REPREVE® Polyester
WR 10,000 MM | 10,000 G/M² | 24H

2. Cambridge

100% Polyester
WR 10,000 MM | 10,000 G/M² | 24H

3. Oxford

100% Polyester
WR 10,000 MM | 5,000 G/M² | 24H

4. Herringbone

100% Polyester
WR 5,000 MM | 5,000 G/M² | 24H

5. Schoeller wool

86% Wool / 12% Polyester / 2% Elasthane
WR 10,000 MM | 12,000 G/M² | 24H

6. JT1

100% Nylon
WR 20,000 MM | 7,000 G/M² | 24H

7. Ripstop

100% Nylon

8. CT1

77% Nylon / 23 % Polyester



1. Down

Our down is 100% Canadian and sourced from farms in Alberta and Quebec. Our custom blend consists of 80% down and 20% feathers, which boasts a fill power of 650 in³/oz. one of the highest in the industry. We carefully select and limit the number of suppliers so that we can trace the origin of our down and guarantee the ethical treatment of animals. All of Quartz Co.’s down is a by-product of the food industry.


2. Isosoft

Isosoft is an insulator made of 100% polyester and manufactured in Belgium. As Europe’s leading insulator, it is hypoallergenic and humidity- and rot-resistant. It’s breathable and stays supple and lofty over time. Its unique blend of fibres allows for the excellent entrapment of warm air, protecting you from the cold.


Our fur comes exclusively from Canada, the United States and Finland. Our suppliers guarantee that it has been obtained in compliance with those countries’ laws regarding cruel trapping and farming practices toward fur-bearing animals.

Fur is a natural, effective and durable material. It provides high-quality protection that is perfect for the conditions in which our parkas are worn.

1. Coyote
    Origin: Canada and USA

2. Raccoon
    Origin: Finland

3. Blue Fox
    Origin: Finland